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Dual-line Modular Metering Valves (DM Series)

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DM series are a kind of dual - line metering valve which
plays key role in dual - line centralized lubrication systems.
Due to their modular structure they offer a lot of advantages
compared with our conventional mono block type valves like
DV and DW series.
DM series provide two types, DM5 and DM2, and they are
different in connection size and range of delivery volumes.
The valves are composed of 2 components, one the base
block and the other the valve block(s) which is fixed on the
base block.
A base block has 2 inlet ports and multiples of twin outlet
ports which are respective each other but can be crossported
to one outlet.
A valve block has 2 pistons and a pair of outlets and delivers
exactly metered amount of lubricant. Also the metered amount
can be adjusted with measuring elements.
DM2 type has one kind of valve block, DMV2 but DM5 type
has 4 valve blocks, DMV3, DMV4, DMV5, DMV6 different in
max. output volume. Thus DM5 is applicable to lubrication
systems that require wide range of feed amounts.
An Idle block is a bypass block without a piston. It reserves a
valve block which may be required in the future due to
increase of lubrication points after installation of the metering