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Progressive Divider Valves (MB Series)

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MB series progressive modular divider valves are positive
displacement valves which operate in sequential order and deliver
precisely metered amount of lubricant to lubrication points.
MB series are applicable to wide range of grease and oil centralized
lubrication systems due to their ability to feed fixed amount of lubricant
regardless of length of pipe lines or pressure drop.
MB series offers 4 types, MBJ, MBM, MBX and MBZ. They differ one
another in range of outputs, connection sizes and dimensions.
A MB divider valve is composed of 3 through 8 valve blocks, a inlet
block, a end block and 1 through 6 base blocks.
The valve block is a key component composed mainly of a square
body and a piston whose diameter and traveling stroke determine the
Valve blocks are available in wide range of outputs from
0.041cc/stroke to 9.84cc/stroke(240 times larger than 0.041cc/stroke)
The inlet block, end block and base block have a pair of outlet ports
at their sides and several narrow passages. A valve block is mounted
on their top face.
Two outlets of a valve block can be combined to one and outlets of
adjacent two valve blocks also can be combined to one thus it results
in variety of numbers in outlet ports 2 through 16 and large range of
feed amount to lubrication points.
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